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david okoth
1 | Graphic Designer

GRAPHICS DESIGNER 1.Photography 2.Videography 3.Audio and Video Editing 4.Scripting (Audio+Video+PSA) TECHNOLOGY 5.Computer Technician + ICT Consultant (Hardware/Software) 6.Tutor + O Level A Level CBC/GED/IGCSE TOEFL/IELTS SAT/ACT GRE/GMAT 7.Swahili and English Instructor/Lecturer HIGHER ED 8.Instructional Systems & Technology Designer, Consultant 9.Pedagogy/Andragogy and Learning Theories 10.Learning Principles, Modelling, and Strategies OTHER 11.Researcher/Data Analytics/Learning Analytics 12.Writing and Translation+Due Diligence Report Writing 13.Driver -BCE A2 & A3 Endorsements

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