Basic Features

Basic itsmyhusle features


itsmyhustle is the place where service providers and customers in Eat Africa Community trade with ease.

In-built File sharing

Our inbuilt file-sharing system allows users to share their work within our platform efficiently and securely.

In-built Chat

Communicate with each other within the platform flowlessly

How itsmyhustle works

itsmyhustle is the largest marketplace for service providers in East Africa Community. It offers freelance service providers and clients a streamlined and convenient, safe, cost effective and transparent way of doing business with all users.
The unique term of service offered to the customers on itsmyhstle is called a ‘Hustle’. While creating a Hustle, service providers have the option of choosing their starting price.
Signing up
Signing up with itsmyhustle is free but only registered users can trade on itsmyhustle platform. The signing up has two drop downs- Service providers and customers. when you select either it takes you to either depending on who you are and your interests.

Get Online

  1. Setup your professional profile for free.
    • 1.1 Ensure customers know you are online and ready to be hired
    • 1.2 Include your rates, services, business hours and work portfolio.
  2. Customers will search based on service, location, availability, pricing and ratings.
    • 2.1 Our automated booking process does not have bargaining. Make sure you are competitive.
  3. Manage your business with your personal dashboard
    • 3.1 Appointment reminders are sent automatically on chat
  4. Make sure your profile is 100% complete.
  5. Make sure your Hustles are well written and that they describe the service your provide in detail.
  6. Make sure that what you showcase as your work represent your skills accurately.
    • 6.1 If you meet your clients expectations, or exceed, you will receive good ratings from them attracting more clients, thus more business.
  7. You have to generate a job card order to the client.
  8. The client needs to sign the job order before starting work. The job card should have clear timelines on start and completion date.
  9. The client will pay the professional fee in advance. The professional fees is held in an escrow account, until the work is done and certified by the client as complete.
  10. Ensure the client has signed the task completion when the job is done.
  11. Clients, who buy your Hustle pay itsmyhustle in advance. Itsmyhustle guarantees payment directly into your e-wallet three(3) hours once the job is done and the Client task Completion form is signed.
  12. itsmyhustle only collects 20% commission once you have been paid. Out of which, 1.5% goes to the charity/s we work with. When your order is successfully done, you will receive 80% of the total value. For example, if you price is US$ 10, you will receive US$ 8 for a completed order
  13. itsmyhustle will pay its applicable taxes. The service provider will be responsible for his/her respective individual VAT, Excise Duty, et al

itsmyhustle accords service providers:-

  1. Social media profile promotion
  2. guaranteed payment
  3. Growth, sales and credit history will be tracked for you
  4. Set price & there is no endless bargaining
  5. Client cancellation attracts 50% cancellation fees
  6. Your Profile is Professional
  7. Schedule your time with the client
  8. Access to clients demand
  9. You upload work portfolio & have an opportunity to share profile with all potential clients
  10. Clients can cherry pick & leverage on service providers anywhere in East Africa
  11. Clients and Service providers have a streamlined and convenient, safe, cost effective and transparent way of doing business.