Innovation: Clients, Service Providers Are Now A Click Away

Service providers and businesses across the East Africa Community will now access and easily exploit an array of opportunities on a new online facility.

 The platform unveiled by ACL links service providers and clients by offering a streamlined and convenient way of doing business.

Registered members will access registered providers and clients in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi to maximize returns from their phones or computers.

“Time is important, and is a digital-based facility, which has reduced time for service providers and clients to engage and do business,” ACL Managing Partner Andrew Teyie said in an interview.

“We are empowering service providers to access business opportunities at the comfort of their houses.” 

Itsmyhustle, which remains the largest marketplace for service providers in the East Africa Community, is owned by Andrew Consulting Limited.

ACL Managing Partner Andrew Teyie said the facility has tens of businesses in different fields and hundreds of clients across all 25 categories. The job categories include voice-over artists, make-up artists, hairstylists, social media influencers, videographers, photographers, MCs, massage therapists, painters, models and interior designers, among others.

“It is a one-stop-shop for services for both unemployed or employed but wants a part-time job to boost their income. The platform reduces the duration for clients accessing service providers or service providers accessing clients without any struggle,” Teyie said.

ACL has also set up a strong customer care team in its Lovington office at Kirichwa road, Wanandege flats, in Nairobi, working throughout the day to ensure registered members access five-star services.

“We have been in place for four months, and as we grow, we will also rate the service providers so that we remain with the best. Some, we might also train them,” Teyie said.

“And kindly don’t send money before the service is delivered. Pay after the services have been delivered.”

 Teyie said the platform will act as an office, hence both clients and businesses might not need one.

“Businesses or service providers can leverage on the vast East African markets of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan for talents and services.

What they need is to register for free to access this potential,” Teyie added.

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